‘Nighty Night… Lavender Sleepytime Tonic

I’m a busy girl.  I admit this. I try to do everything – but can’t. Nor can I fall asleep easily at night. This is due to a terrible syndrome called mom-that-tries-to-do-it-all-and-lays-awake-thinking-about-how-to-do-it-all-itis. Ha!  Bet you didn’t know it had a name, huh?  Oh yes, it does. I’ll be honest – my remedy used to consistRead more

homemade granola bars

“Mom, These are the Best Granola Bars – Like, Ever”

  Today is granola bar day.  Sounds exciting, right?   Before I transitioned to making all of our own foods, granola bars were a staple around here.  It IS the easiest thing to grab for breakfast & snacks & whatever other reason you would have to scarf a gran bar.  But seriously, have you checked outRead more

Comfort Food in the Pacific Northwest…

For those here with me in the beautiful Pacific Northwest – the weather is brutal today.  Torrential downpours, wind – and most detrimental to this household: satellite TV that continues to threaten the viewing of our dear Husky game. There is serious here. The first quarter, we alternated between the TV and the battery-powered AM radioRead more