Golden Milk – Nectar of the Gods

My mid-afternoon wind-down usually contains my favorite wonder-drink:  Golden Milk.   Heard of it?  Well, today I am going to share with you all of the wonderful benefits of golden milk and turmeric, the spice that makes it all possible.   Turmeric is a root, part of the ginger family.  When ground into a powder,Read more

Apple Pie Toddy – Dessert in a Drink

There are nights when wine is nice, or tea is soothing – But then there are nights where you need something a bit, oh how shall I say?  More. Enter my Apple Pie Toddy.   A perfect blend of milk, spice, and brandy.  JUST the thing you need to wind down and snuggle up. I’mRead more

Rendering Your Own Lard – Crockpot Style!

I love my fats – Butter, coconut oil, tallow, lard…   These words may strike fear in the hearts of dieters, but the inclusion of them in my diet has proven beneficial.  Fat in your diet (the good fats) are essential to cellular development – Your body needs these!   But the lard or tallowRead more

HEART & Soul of Hunting

How do you supply meat for your family?   Do you rely on the local grocer or local meat shop for your poultry and meat?  Do you raise your own? Does someone in your family hunt?  Or do you forego meat all-together?   Here on our farmstead, we rely on those first three methods:  Read more

Cozy Soaked Granola Cereal

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals since our hens started consistently laying eggs.  To me, there is NOTHING as satisfying as a crusty piece of homemade bread, topped with a hearty dollop of butter and a fried egg over easy.  Crunchy, salty, and drippy – all wrapped up in one messy package. My family,Read more

Simply. Perfect. Chili. :: Faulk Farmstead

Simply. Perfect. Chili.

  It has been getting quite chilly here in Washington.  I know lots of you already have snow and near-blizzard weather in your neck of the woods.  But our summer ran a little late here this year and we are just now dipping to 30 degrees.   Bear with us – we are still trying toRead more