“Real Lunches, Real Easy!” An E-Guide Worth Your Moo-lah!

We love REAL food here at the Faulk Farmstead.  Thankfully, this has rubbed off on my daughter.   She absolutely HATES school lunches.  In the past couple of years, she has probably purchased “HOT” lunch once or twice – And I have to hear about it’s horrors for DAYS afterwards.  True story. I pack myRead more

Rendering Your Own Lard – Crockpot Style!

I love my fats – Butter, coconut oil, tallow, lard…   These words may strike fear in the hearts of dieters, but the inclusion of them in my diet has proven beneficial.  Fat in your diet (the good fats) are essential to cellular development – Your body needs these!   But the lard or tallowRead more

Meal Planning – On a Not-So-Planned Schedule…

Someone at work asked me the other day about our October Unprocessed challenge:  “How do you find time to do all of that??”  At first thought of going “unprocessed”, you may not think of it as being more time-consuming.  But once you make that decision to make everything yourself (the cheese crackers my daughter loves, the granolaRead more

Taking the Pledge: October Unprocessed

No need for me to preach to the choir here.  I have already told you all about how I have been working to transition my family to a Traditional or “Real” Foods way of eating.   It has been going great, and I feel like the entire family is almost completely on board 😉 Well, I wasRead more