Homemade Goat Milk Cajeta :: Faulk Farmstead

Homemade Goat Milk Cajeta

Cajeta:  Sweetened, caramelized goat’s milk   In our home, we love all things caramel-related.  Caramel ice cream, caramel in our coffee, SALTED CARAMEL.   So I’m sure you can imagine, when I set out to find new things to do with our fresh goat’s milk, I was slightly stoked to learn of cajeta.  Ok, ok.  ThereRead more

Goat Udder Balm - A Homestead DIY :: Faulk Farmstead

Goat Udder Balm – A Homestead DIY!

  Our goats work hard for us.  They put up with rough baby goats tugging and sucking and hitting their teats and udders.   Those girls deal with me trapping their heads in the milking stanchion and then milking them too.   I’m thinking their lady bits (no, not THOSE lady bits…) might deserve aRead more

Golden Milk – Nectar of the Gods

My mid-afternoon wind-down usually contains my favorite wonder-drink:  Golden Milk.   Heard of it?  Well, today I am going to share with you all of the wonderful benefits of golden milk and turmeric, the spice that makes it all possible.   Turmeric is a root, part of the ginger family.  When ground into a powder,Read more