Goat Update :: Faulk Farmstead

A Goat Update on the Faulk Farmstead

I’m here to satisfy your curiosity.  I know you’ve been wondering how the Faulk goats have been lately, am I right?  Looking for a goat update? First things first, Spartacus is 4 weeks old!  How the heck did that happen so fast?!  He is growing like a weed and is now able to spend hisRead more

homemade gummies

Homemade Gummies – Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy!

I know what you’re thinking:  “Of course my kids are going to be happy if I give them gummies – They’re kids!  But how are YOUR gummies healthy?”   Let’s take a step back to what some of you may remember to be “fruit snacks” or “gummies” growing up.  Remember those little bags of jelly-ishRead more

“Real Lunches, Real Easy!” An E-Guide Worth Your Moo-lah!

We love REAL food here at the Faulk Farmstead.  Thankfully, this has rubbed off on my daughter.   She absolutely HATES school lunches.  In the past couple of years, she has probably purchased “HOT” lunch once or twice – And I have to hear about it’s horrors for DAYS afterwards.  True story. I pack myRead more