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July’s Jumbo Homesteading Giveaway

Starting in Spring, I REALLY begin feeling like homesteading is in full-swing.  Seeds being planted, baby farmies being born, and Summer preparations being made.  Yep, the hard work is starting! Although we are currently wrapping up our family vacation away from the homestead, thoughts of summer chores are definitely on my mind.  I am curiousRead more

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Homesteading Blog Love #10

  It’s back!  Have you missed the Homesteading Blog Love?  I have to admit – I sure have!   This week’s edition will be directed at gardening and foraging, because, well, it’s that time!   Our big garden expansion has been completed and it is waiting patiently to be filled with all things awesome –Read more

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Homesteading Blog Love #9

Happy Sunday to you!   Shall we just jump on in to this week’s Homesteading Blog Love?  Let’s!   Are you a new gardener?  Looking for more info to get started?  Attainable-Sustainable has posted her 12 Fail-Proof Food Crops for New Gardeners – You can’t go wrong!   This past week, the Browning Homestead introducedRead more

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Homesteading Blog Love #8

Another week gone of winter – and one week closer to spring!  Spring! In honor of this exciting news, this week’s Homesteading Blog Love is highlighting my favorite gardening posts from the past week. Ready to jump in?? This week, Five Little Homesteaders showed us how to start growing potatoes from seed potatoes.  Not onlyRead more


Just a Few Reasons Why… We Love Our Chickens

Have you ever heard that chickens are the gateway drug to farming? At least, that’s how it was for me. When my dreams of farming were first forming, it seemed like the natural way to start – A few chickens.  You know, just enough to get a few eggs. Nothing crazy.  Not like twenty-something chickens. Oh,Read more

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Homesteading Blog Love #6

I don’t know about you, but this past week or so REALLY kicked me in the tush.  Big time. Do you turn to sweets when you get stressed?  I usually don’t – However, after seeing the latest recipe from Five Little Homesteaders, I feel that this sweet is exactly what I need:  Homemade Peanut ButterRead more