fermenting chicken feed

Why We Ferment Our Chicken Feed

“What?! You ferment your chicken feed?!”   Yessirree!  I most certainly do!  Not crazy, I tell you…   Let’s go back to how I got to this point…   A number of months ago, I was looking at mixing my own chicken feed.  I was tired of feeding my girls plain ol’ layer pellets, voidRead more

Early Spring Preparations :: Faulk Farmstead

Early Spring Preparations on the Farmstead

Here at the Faulk Farmstead, there have officially been not enough hours in the day for our “to-do” list of spring preparations.   More specifically – there have not been enough hours in the day where it has not been raining.   Even though I am a native Washingtonian, I abhor working in the rain.Read more

Farm Fashion

Farm Fashion – What’s It Mean To You? (A Giveaway!!)

Farm Fashion. What?  Not words that you usually think of together? Yes.  They go together.  Yes, they do.   Stick with me here… Now “fashion” doesn’t necessarily mean “high fashion” – Got me?  Many mornings our farm attire is a pj pants and hoodie type of attire – or as my daughter does, pj pantsRead more

Spring Seed Update

Growing Up! A Spring Seed Update!

Little sprouts – We finally have them!   It has been almost two weeks since our Spring seeds were planted in soil, and things are finally moving along! I continue to check their moisture level twice daily, keeping the soil at a “damp sponge” level.  Besides that, I have been doing nothing else to them exceptRead more

Seed Starting

Spring Seeds Have Arrived!

Remember when I struggled and stressed over what seeds to order?   After a couple weeks of “mulling it over”, I finally came to a decision – A decision I am QUITE happy with!   Ready to hear about my Spring seeds? I ordered the majority of my seeds from Baker Creek this year (althoughRead more

Winter? I Would Like to Officially Break Up With You.

 Maybe a better title for this post would be “Reasons I am ready for winter to be over”, but I feel a bit more strongly than that.   November was cold, December was mild, January is alternating cold and rainy, and apparently February will be even colder. This has not been sitting well with me.Read more