foolproof homemade mayo

Foolproof Homemade Mayo

Question:  Are you a mayo fan?  Good ol’ fashioned mayonnaise? I’ll be honest with you – I wasn’t.  Hated the stuff.   Until I tried homemade. But even that wasn’t easy.  I tried recipe after recipe after recipe.  They turned out too olive-y (olive oil mayo), too thin, or had a just plain too weird ofRead more

Cozy Soaked Granola Cereal

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals since our hens started consistently laying eggs.  To me, there is NOTHING as satisfying as a crusty piece of homemade bread, topped with a hearty dollop of butter and a fried egg over easy.  Crunchy, salty, and drippy – all wrapped up in one messy package. My family,Read more

Simply. Perfect. Chili. :: Faulk Farmstead

Simply. Perfect. Chili.

  It has been getting quite chilly here in Washington.  I know lots of you already have snow and near-blizzard weather in your neck of the woods.  But our summer ran a little late here this year and we are just now dipping to 30 degrees.   Bear with us – we are still trying toRead more

Homemade Unsweetened-But-Sweet-Enough Applesauce

  What do you think of when fall hits your neck of the woods? Pumpkins? Crisp, colored leaves?  Wagon rides?  Apples? Ah, apples… I have been CRAVING some homemade applesauce here – since we were literally down to our last jar that was canned last year.   In years past, I had used sugar to sweeten ourRead more

homemade granola bars

“Mom, These are the Best Granola Bars – Like, Ever”

  Today is granola bar day.  Sounds exciting, right?   Before I transitioned to making all of our own foods, granola bars were a staple around here.  It IS the easiest thing to grab for breakfast & snacks & whatever other reason you would have to scarf a gran bar.  But seriously, have you checked outRead more

homemade mozzarella

Mozza – Mozza – Mozzarella!!

  We LOOOOVE our raw milk we get from our cow farmer every week.  LOVE it!  I usually pick up two gallons per week and use one gallon for drinking and one for crockpot yogurt.  However, I made yogurt last week and still had some left over, so I decided to try something new: mozzarella!  Read more