Goat Udder Balm - A Homestead DIY :: Faulk Farmstead

Goat Udder Balm – A Homestead DIY!

  Our goats work hard for us.  They put up with rough baby goats tugging and sucking and hitting their teats and udders.   Those girls deal with me trapping their heads in the milking stanchion and then milking them too.   I’m thinking their lady bits (no, not THOSE lady bits…) might deserve aRead more

Goat Update :: Faulk Farmstead

A Goat Update on the Faulk Farmstead

I’m here to satisfy your curiosity.  I know you’ve been wondering how the Faulk goats have been lately, am I right?  Looking for a goat update? First things first, Spartacus is 4 weeks old!  How the heck did that happen so fast?!  He is growing like a weed and is now able to spend hisRead more