July's Jumbo Homesteading Giveaway :: Faulk Farmstead

July’s Jumbo Homesteading Giveaway

Starting in Spring, I REALLY begin feeling like homesteading is in full-swing.  Seeds being planted, baby farmies being born, and Summer preparations being made.  Yep, the hard work is starting! Although we are currently wrapping up our family vacation away from the homestead, thoughts of summer chores are definitely on my mind.  I am curiousRead more

Big Berkey Water Purifier Giveaway! **CLOSED**

  I am pretty dang excited today!  Stoked, actually!  Can’t you tell??   I have wanted a Big Berkey water purifier for several years now.  It is the epitome of household water purifiers, you know.  And just look at it in it’s glory – all shiny and beautiful.  I still don’t have one, however….  I get toRead more

Maple Syrup Review & Giveaway

Maple Syrup Review & Giveaway **CLOSED**

Mmmmmmmmm maple syrup…. Pure, dark, robust maple syrup is my hands-down favorite foodie item to use for sweetening.  Yes, even more than honey.  Surprised?     In my opinion, there is nothing on the sweet spectrum that rivals the complexity of pure maple syrup.  (Hey now, don’t you worry – Raw honey still holds aRead more

Local Bite Giveaway

Local Bite Giveaway!

Welcome to the Local Bite Giveaway!   I am truly blessed to have been invited (as well as many other amazing bloggers)  to join in on this project by my friend Melissa over at Ever Growing Farm.   Here’s more about it, from Melissa herself:   “I have to tell you, bringing together such anRead more