100 Days of Local Food on the Faulk Farmstead

100 Days of Local Food on the Faulk Farmstead

  Lately, local food is such a buzz phrase, something that many of us have the intent to utilize..   Here on the Faulk Farmstead, however, this strong intent is what drove us to the point in our lives that we are now.  As homesteaders.   This great desire inspired us to make changes inRead more

The Garden Expansion :: Faulk Farmstead

The Garden Expansion: Progress in Pictures

After wrapping up our first year homesteading, I have determined that another year of big changes is upon us.   New animals on the farm have arrived – one new kid, 8 laying chicks, and 25 meat chicks.  New life is showing up on the farmstead, bringing a renewed sense of excitement to the surroundingRead more

DIY Grow Lamps

DIY Grow Lamps for Spring Seedlings

Ah, Spring… You aren’t tired of hearing about seed starting yet, are you? Nah, I didn’t think so.   This year was my second year starting seeds indoors – and I was determined to go BIG or go home!  Ok, so I was already home – but you catch my drift.  Remember all of thoseRead more

Spring Seed Update

Growing Up! A Spring Seed Update!

Little sprouts – We finally have them!   It has been almost two weeks since our Spring seeds were planted in soil, and things are finally moving along! I continue to check their moisture level twice daily, keeping the soil at a “damp sponge” level.  Besides that, I have been doing nothing else to them exceptRead more

Seed Starting

Spring Seeds Have Arrived!

Remember when I struggled and stressed over what seeds to order?   After a couple weeks of “mulling it over”, I finally came to a decision – A decision I am QUITE happy with!   Ready to hear about my Spring seeds? I ordered the majority of my seeds from Baker Creek this year (althoughRead more