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Eating Local in Hawaii: A Local Bite Update

Curious what I’ve been up to on this blogging hiatus?  Family:  Nurturing of relationships, bonding with kids…  VACATION! . We were fortunate enough to spend 11 glorious days on the island of Kauai.  Gorgeous.  We snorkeled, swam, ATV’d (is that a word??), relaxed, and ate.  Yup, ate.  You KNOW food was on the top ofRead more

Inspired Reading: The Book that Inspired Me to Homestead…

Two years ago, my life was pretty different from its current state.  Our life was all about convenience, where to get the cheapest food (that still tasted good), and what was fast and easy.  Not to say I wasn’t connected with nature – I always enjoyed fresh food, farm animals, and the outdoors – but IRead more

Goodies From My Foodie Penpal!

I have to share some exciting news!  Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean started this amazing exchange a year ago called “Foodie Penpal” – You can sign up each month and she pairs you up with another foodie (bloggers AND readers are welcome to join).  After you exchange info, you get to exchange food! Read more