How (NOT) to Take a Farm Vacation :: Faulk Farmstead

How (Not) to Take a Farm Vacation

This post was originally titled “How to Take a Farm Vacation.”  And then I decided it probably should be titled “How NOT to Take a Farm Vacation” because things didn’t  quite go as planned once we left our home state of Washington. . Let’s go back a bit… . In preparation for leaving town, my little sisterRead more

Spring Happenings on the Faulk Farmstead :: Faulk Farmstead

Spring Happenings on the Faulk Farmstead

Spring on the farmstead?  Ab-so-lutely CRAZY.  Busy to the point of fault.  But not to worry – we are loving every moment of it! Although the Faulk Farmstead blog has been a bit quiet lately (due to Spring craziness and a super-secret upcoming project!), the farmstead itself has been anything but quiet.  Curious what we’veRead more

Farm Fashion

Farm Fashion – What’s It Mean To You? (A Giveaway!!)

Farm Fashion. What?  Not words that you usually think of together? Yes.  They go together.  Yes, they do.   Stick with me here… Now “fashion” doesn’t necessarily mean “high fashion” – Got me?  Many mornings our farm attire is a pj pants and hoodie type of attire – or as my daughter does, pj pantsRead more

Winter? I Would Like to Officially Break Up With You.

 Maybe a better title for this post would be “Reasons I am ready for winter to be over”, but I feel a bit more strongly than that.   November was cold, December was mild, January is alternating cold and rainy, and apparently February will be even colder. This has not been sitting well with me.Read more

In Consideration of Pigs…

It’s official – We are considering pigs on the Faulk Farmstead!   I know what you’re thinking – “Don’t you have enough on your plate already?”  Yup, we actually do.   But we LOVE our pork.   And we LOVE to raise our own food.   So it seems like the obvious thing to do!  Read more

Farming in Pjs

Mornings here at the Faulk Farmstead are strictly a casual affair.   This means that I roll out of bed, start my coffee, throw on thick socks, boots, warm coat and a wool hat – And head out to the pasture. That would mean I am still in my pajama pants. And this is completelyRead more