Spring Happenings on the Faulk Farmstead :: Faulk Farmstead

Spring Happenings on the Faulk Farmstead

Spring on the farmstead?  Ab-so-lutely CRAZY.  Busy to the point of fault.  But not to worry – we are loving every moment of it! Although the Faulk Farmstead blog has been a bit quiet lately (due to Spring craziness and a super-secret upcoming project!), the farmstead itself has been anything but quiet.  Curious what we’veRead more

Meet Our Family Cow, Sally Gooden!

Happy Friday, all!  On today’s Friday with the Farmies, I will introduce you to Sally Gooden, our family cow.   I never planned on getting a family milk cow.  Really.  I planned on having goats for milk and maybe raising a cow for meat.  How did we end up here, you ask?  I know thatRead more

Preparing for changes in season

Preparing for Changes in Season…

Fall is upon us here in Washington – am I right?   As I sit here typing away with my morning coffee in hand, I look out one window at the fog-encased pasture, with little ghost animals wandering about…  Fog does eerie stuff…   As I look at the window to my left, I seeRead more