Farming in Pjs

Mornings here at the Faulk Farmstead are strictly a casual affair.   This means that I roll out of bed, start my coffee, throw on thick socks, boots, warm coat and a wool hat – And head out to the pasture. That would mean I am still in my pajama pants. And this is completelyRead more

A Morning on the Faulk Farmstead

Mornings – Either you love ’em or you hate ’em. Me?  If it is my day off from my “day” job (only work 3 days/week), I rather look forward to them.  Especially the misty mornings we’ve been having lately.  So mysterious, yet full of promise. My day starts around 6:40.  The alarm goes off, andRead more

A Productive Weekend at the Farmstead

I can’t believe I actually get to say this, but…..  The weather was freaking gorgeous this weekend!  Cold, crisp, and SUNNY!  I know!  Crazy town! I really do feel that this is when the farmstead looks the prettiest, most idyllic to me – mist across the pasture, sunlight bouncing off of everything, and NO RAINRead more