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Cooking with Pastured Poultry: Liver Paté

Two months ago, we harvested our first flock of meat chickens.  Sure, we had butchered our share of ill-behaved roosters in the past, but this time was different.  We’re talking premeditated harvesting here.   For several months, we lovingly raised 20 Freedom Rangers to provide meat for our family.   We cared well for them,Read more

Early Spring on the Faulk Farmstead

Early Spring on the Faulk Farmstead

  April has arrived – and with it, beautiful weather!  It is definitely feeling like early Spring around here!   Curious what we’ve been up to?   Just in case you have been out of the loop, we have a new kid on the farmstead!  Our Nigerian Dwarf goat, Totes, gave birth to an adorableRead more

french onion chicken salad

Easy French Onion Chicken Salad

  Chicken salad is such an easy go-to here when I have leftover chicken and DO NOT want another bowl of chicken noodle soup.  It happens.  After years of making a boring “mayo-and-chicken” chicken salad, I found a solution:  French Onion Chicken Salad! I came upon this tasty concoction a couple of days after SuperRead more

Hen Bag Giveaway! (EXPIRED)

I remember entering a giveaway put on by Blue Yurt Farms earlier this year, when I was first getting serious about writing my blog.   It was this purdy little thing (  When I first saw it, I though it was the funniest thing ever – And then I instantly became smitten and HAD toRead more

Comfort Food in the Pacific Northwest…

For those here with me in the beautiful Pacific Northwest – the weather is brutal today.  Torrential downpours, wind – and most detrimental to this household: satellite TV that continues to threaten the viewing of our dear Husky game. There is serious here. The first quarter, we alternated between the TV and the battery-powered AM radioRead more