Comfort Food in the Pacific Northwest…

For those here with me in the beautiful Pacific Northwest – the weather is brutal today.  Torrential downpours, wind – and most detrimental to this household: satellite TV that continues to threaten the viewing of our dear Husky game. There is serious here. The first quarter, we alternated between the TV and the battery-powered AM radioRead more

Putting up – Fishy-style: Homemade Canned Tuna

homemade canned tuna

Busy days preserving here on the Faulk Farmstead!  Isn’t that what summer and fall is all about?  Harvesting your bounty?   For us lately, it has been green beans, potatoes, corn, beets, and….  HOMEMADE CANNED TUNA! Nope, didn’t grow that out here on the farm.  I can thank my extremely talented fisherman of a husband forRead more