Farmsteading Dreams for 2014

2014.  Here we go.   Yesterday, I reflected on our past year on the farmstead – And what a year it was!!  The time has come, however, to set some homesteading goals for 2014.  I just KNOW this will be a big year for us!   Let’s do this!   Have a successful breeding/kidding withRead more

Faulk Farmstead

Farmsteading Lessons for 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, I find myself doing the inevitable – Reflecting on this past year.   Isn’t that what you do too?  Think back on what you enjoyed about your year?  About what didn’t go so well?  What you have learned?   After chatting it up with my husband, I think weRead more

HEART & Soul of Hunting

How do you supply meat for your family?   Do you rely on the local grocer or local meat shop for your poultry and meat?  Do you raise your own? Does someone in your family hunt?  Or do you forego meat all-together?   Here on our farmstead, we rely on those first three methods:  Read more

The holidays are over – Now what?

Here we are, knee-deep in the holiday slump.   You know what I’m talking about.  That crazy running-around-with-your-head-cut-off feeling is gone.  If you are like me, you are now fighting the crud that’s going around, which is dragging you down even further.   What do you do now?   This morning, I stare around myRead more

The Wonderful-ness that is Goat’s Milk Soap

Remember when that farming dream first hit me?   All I wanted was a few chickens and a goat – remember this?  I thought, “Hey, goat’s milk is pretty dang tasty!  And goat’s milk soap?  What an awesome idea?” I had purchased goat’s milk soap at the local farmer’s market, and it was nice.  JustRead more

New Day, New Start…

Some days you just gotta allow yourself a little forgiveness, right? I’ve been having those days lately, where I look at my to-do list, don’t get too much crossed off of it, and then proceed to add more to the list. Family, farmies, home, work… Is it the holidays?  I’m not quite sure it is,Read more