Farm Fashion

Farm Fashion – What’s It Mean To You? (A Giveaway!!)

Farm Fashion. What?  Not words that you usually think of together? Yes.  They go together.  Yes, they do.   Stick with me here… Now “fashion” doesn’t necessarily mean “high fashion” – Got me?  Many mornings our farm attire is a pj pants and hoodie type of attire – or as my daughter does, pj pantsRead more

egg family

Thursday’s Thought: The Egg Family

You know those days when you really need to get work done – But you find yourself doing some of this instead? Hmmmm….  No?  Or maybe some of this? I digress…

Trying to “Do It All”

Today’s DIY post is a little different than the norm.  I’m not going to show you how to sew your own napkins, or make your own face cream, or even how to make your own cleaning supplies.   Nope, today’s post is more of a confession.   There is something that happens to me onRead more

February’s Instagram Challenge!

  Do you Instagram?  I LOVE it.  Seriously.  One of my favorite things is just scrolling through and checking out everyone’s latest pics.  But one thing I am quite dreadful at is hashtags.  Ugh.  Hashtags.  I am determined to get these down.  Yes, I am a bit behind the times.  I’m thinking, though, what betterRead more

Thursday’s Thought: The Road Less Traveled

When taking the road less traveled, all will be well, with the one you love by your side…   This journey I have started on – this homesteading dream – wouldn’t possibly be so, without my partner by my side.  Although the path we are taking is what some might call unconventional – It isRead more

Winter? I Would Like to Officially Break Up With You.

 Maybe a better title for this post would be “Reasons I am ready for winter to be over”, but I feel a bit more strongly than that.   November was cold, December was mild, January is alternating cold and rainy, and apparently February will be even colder. This has not been sitting well with me.Read more