Is Homesteading Worth All Of the Hard Work?

I’m tired today. Who am I kidding?  I feel this way all of the time.   I recently bought a Fitbit through work – you know, to see how active I REALLY am throughout the day.  It opened my eyes to another dilemma (or possibly just confirmed what I knew deep-down inside) – 5.25 hoursRead more

Online E-Course Giveaway: Your Pathway to Mortgage-freedom! :: Faulk Farmstead

Online E-Course Giveaway: Your Pathway to Mortgage-freedom! **CLOSED**

  A big thank you to Tiny House Family for offering up this opportunity: This giveaway is for ONE seat in their upcoming online course – The Plan: Your Pathway to Mortgage-freedom.  You can learn more about the Tiny House Family on their blog, Facebook page or this post: Following Your Dreams of Living Debt Free. Read more

contentment :: Faulk Farmstead

Contentment. Omnia que cupio iam habeo. Have You Found It?

Four years ago, when this picture was taken, my life was very different than it is today. We lived in a suburban neighborhood, within walking distance to my daughter’s school.  We owned two cats and two bunnies – and that was it.  We had a tiny garden, that produced minimal food, due to minimal sunlight.Read more


Housework. C’mon – Is it REALLY that Important?

  Housework.  Yes.  THAT word. I truly go back and forth between not caring that my house is a mess – and then being a total ball of stress over it. I have decided it is time for a solution.  Have you ever tried scheduling in your weekly cleaning?  I tried this once before, butRead more

4-H Lessons

Lessons Learned – via 4-H!

This past weekend, my daughter and I had the opportunity to attend a local 4-H function – And definitely had some lessons learned! The day-long event we attended had a schedule of about 20 classes that we could choose from for a pretty small registration fee.  There were 4 sessions available, with some of theRead more