A Morning on the Faulk Farmstead

Mornings – Either you love ’em or you hate ’em. Me?  If it is my day off from my “day” job (only work 3 days/week), I rather look forward to them.  Especially the misty mornings we’ve been having lately.  So mysterious, yet full of promise. My day starts around 6:40.  The alarm goes off, andRead more

A Productive Weekend at the Farmstead

I can’t believe I actually get to say this, but…..  The weather was freaking gorgeous this weekend!  Cold, crisp, and SUNNY!  I know!  Crazy town! I really do feel that this is when the farmstead looks the prettiest, most idyllic to me – mist across the pasture, sunlight bouncing off of everything, and NO RAINRead more

More Winterizing Efforts on the Farm(stead)

After a busy work weekend, I woke up this morning feeling energized and motivated.  I had spent my whole weekend thinking about implementing the deep litter method for our farmies after reading this article from Fresh Eggs Daily last week.  Felt extremely motivated to get it done and over with! Prior to my work weekend starting,Read more

Preparing for changes in season

Preparing for Changes in Season…

Fall is upon us here in Washington – am I right?   As I sit here typing away with my morning coffee in hand, I look out one window at the fog-encased pasture, with little ghost animals wandering about…  Fog does eerie stuff…   As I look at the window to my left, I seeRead more


Putting up (preserving)…

  The last couple days have been a bit of “purge” days for me.  After a long work weekend – and an empty belly – I looked in my full fridge, to only find ingredients, but nothing ready to eat.  Bread was down to the last piece + heel, and yogurt down to my last 1/2Read more