Easy Mason Jar Ring Storage :: Faulk Farmstead

Easy Mason Jar Ring Storage

Here on our homestead, canning season is in full-swing.  Wondering if you’ve hit that point yet?  Does your kitchen look like mine?  Mason jar lids and rings strewn all over the counters, a water bath canner that never gets put away, and a never-ending supply of jars cooling on the counter – Yup.  Full-swing.  Read more

Is Homesteading Worth All Of the Hard Work?

I’m tired today. Who am I kidding?  I feel this way all of the time.   I recently bought a Fitbit through work – you know, to see how active I REALLY am throughout the day.  It opened my eyes to another dilemma (or possibly just confirmed what I knew deep-down inside) – 5.25 hoursRead more

Gearing up for Fair :: Faulk Farmstead

Missing, But Not Gone… Gearing Up for Fair!

It’s OK, folks. . I did NOT drop off the face of the Earth. . What HAS been happening?  LIFE.  Plain and simple. . Aside from the summertime busy-ness of the homestead, we have been getting ready for something very exciting here:  The Little Homesteader is entering her first fair!  Tomorrow, we will be packingRead more

How (NOT) to Take a Farm Vacation :: Faulk Farmstead

How (Not) to Take a Farm Vacation

This post was originally titled “How to Take a Farm Vacation.”  And then I decided it probably should be titled “How NOT to Take a Farm Vacation” because things didn’t  quite go as planned once we left our home state of Washington. . Let’s go back a bit… . In preparation for leaving town, my little sisterRead more

Homestead Organization: The Homestead Binder :: Faulk Farmstead

Homestead Organization: The Homestead Binder

Today I’m rolling out a new feature on the Faulk Farmstead: Homestead Organization! Ah, organization on the homestead.  For me, this literally feels non-existent at times. To keep things afloat, however, some sort of organization is truly necessary for the well-being of our home.  For me, I need a common place to keep track ofRead more