Taking the Pledge: October Unprocessed

No need for me to preach to the choir here.  I have already told you all about how I have been working to transition my family to a Traditional or “Real” Foods way of eating.   It has been going great, and I feel like the entire family is almost completely on board 😉 Well, I wasRead more

homemade canned tuna

Putting up – Fishy-style: Homemade Canned Tuna

Busy days preserving here on the Faulk Farmstead!  Isn’t that what summer and fall is all about?  Harvesting your bounty?   For us lately, it has been green beans, potatoes, corn, beets, and….  HOMEMADE CANNED TUNA! Nope, didn’t grow that out here on the farm.  I can thank my extremely talented fisherman of a husband forRead more


Putting up (preserving)…

  The last couple days have been a bit of “purge” days for me.  After a long work weekend – and an empty belly – I looked in my full fridge, to only find ingredients, but nothing ready to eat.  Bread was down to the last piece + heel, and yogurt down to my last 1/2Read more


Brewin’ the ‘Booch… (Kombucha)

Ahhhhh, kombucha…  Just saying it has the ability to mellow me out…  Komboooocha….     In case you can’t tell – I LOVE kombucha.  I have never been much of a drinker of anything but water and coffee before.  Oh, and wine.  And a good micro beer.   But then I met kombucha.   Kom-what?   ConfusedRead more