Homemade Lemon Sugar :: Faulk Farmstead

Homemade Lemon Sugar

Frugality is the act of using money or supplies in a prudent way. I truly aim to waste very little in our home.  You can imagine my disdain when I found a Meyer Lemon that had rolled behind a jar on my counter, threatening to ripen past the point of no return. Quite a shameRead more

Mel's Migas, A Farmstead Breakfast :: Faulk Farmstead

A Farmstead Breakfast – Mel’s “Migas”

  Ok, so technically, this isn’t migas.  I admit that. However, my husband loves this dish so much – and he calls it “Mel’s Migas”.  And that makes me happy.  So “Mel’s Migas” is it shall be called.   This is hands-down, our favorite breakfast.  And on a day like today, when nothing has goneRead more

Maple Syrup Review & Giveaway

Maple Syrup Review & Giveaway **CLOSED**

Mmmmmmmmm maple syrup…. Pure, dark, robust maple syrup is my hands-down favorite foodie item to use for sweetening.  Yes, even more than honey.  Surprised?     In my opinion, there is nothing on the sweet spectrum that rivals the complexity of pure maple syrup.  (Hey now, don’t you worry – Raw honey still holds aRead more

100 Days of Local Food on the Faulk Farmstead

100 Days of Local Food on the Faulk Farmstead

  Lately, local food is such a buzz phrase, something that many of us have the intent to utilize..   Here on the Faulk Farmstead, however, this strong intent is what drove us to the point in our lives that we are now.  As homesteaders.   This great desire inspired us to make changes inRead more

Local Bite Giveaway

Local Bite Giveaway!

Welcome to the Local Bite Giveaway!   I am truly blessed to have been invited (as well as many other amazing bloggers)  to join in on this project by my friend Melissa over at Ever Growing Farm.   Here’s more about it, from Melissa herself:   “I have to tell you, bringing together such anRead more

Stovetop Coffee - A Homestead DIY :: Faulk Farmstead

Stovetop Coffee – A Homestead DIY!

There aren’t many things that I physically cannot function without. Coffee, however, IS one of those things.     We still have an electric coffee maker that gets used religiously to brew our coffee every single morning.  This last week, though, the unthinkable happened.  The coffee maker was on the fritz.     A tragedy,Read more