Quick & Easy Household DIY – In 2 Minutes or Less

Since before I began my homesteading journey, I started to replace my everyday items with DIY versions one-by-one as I used them up.   After all this time has passed, I’m sure you can imagine – There is a LOT that I “DIY” now! When I tell people that I make our own dishwashing detergent, all-purpose cleaner,Read more

A Productive Weekend at the Farmstead

I can’t believe I actually get to say this, but…..  The weather was freaking gorgeous this weekend!  Cold, crisp, and SUNNY!  I know!  Crazy town! I really do feel that this is when the farmstead looks the prettiest, most idyllic to me – mist across the pasture, sunlight bouncing off of everything, and NO RAINRead more

Dandelion Salve

Dandelion Salve

Farming ain’t for sissies.  Or pansies.  Or weenies.   I have come to realize that I am none of these things – anymore.  I used to be, by golly.  But not any longer.   Farming has long hours, unpredictability, heartache, and pain.  But at the end of the day: IT’S WORTH EVERY SECOND OF IT….  Read more

An Unexpected Use for Eggshells

Do you have chickens?  If you do, I know you have an abundance of eggshells.  We do. I used to religiously compost mine – threw them right out with the coffee grounds and banana peels.  Yup.  Out the door. Little did I know…   My ladies could really use them!  That was valuable stuff I wasRead more

Decadent DIY Face Cream – Easy Peasy!

  Here it is!  The follow-up to the Oil Cleansing Method post that you have been waiting for!  Homemade (lavender orange) DIY Face Cream! As you know, I have been religiously using the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) for cleansing my face for a couple years.  My skin is quite happy with the arrangement we have:Read more