Planning the Larder for the Week

How do you plan for your week?  Do you meal plan?   Do you have childcare arrangements to make?  Do you plan out your larder?   All of the above for me.   When it comes to meal planning, I still don’t really have it down to a science.  Right now, I look at theRead more

My Love Affair With Coconut Oil – A Giveaway!

Coconut oil.  Either you love it – Or you hate it.   In my case?  LOVE.   I first heard about coconut oil from my friend Erika.  She told me of the best egg ever – Fried in coconut oil.  Wha??  A better way to fry an egg?   I HAD to get in onRead more

Buttery Lip Balm – A DIY Tutorial!

  There is nothing sexy about chapped lips.   Oh, is this news to you?  Sorry to break it to you.  It’s winter.  Chapped lips are upon us.   This year, mine have been especially bad.  Cracked and bleeding bad.  To much info?  Sorry.   But let’s be real here.  Chapped lips mean you needRead more

Crying Over Spilled Milk – How to Get the Smell Out!

Those who know me well, know how much I love Lucy.  No, Lucy is not a family member or a farmie.   Lucy is my car.   Yes, unconventional, I know, but she rocks!  Seriously! You may also know how much I love my raw cow milk. But I must be honest:  I do NOTRead more

DIY Cloth Napkins

Easy DIY Cloth Napkins

A few years ago when we lived in our previous home, I started my slow journey to self-sufficiency and reducing waste.  I say “slow” because I couldn’t just go full-throttle all at once – My family already thought I was crazy as it was!   So I figured, an easy start would be to slowlyRead more

DIY Scrap Candles – For Pennies!

Candles really are a necessity for us on the homestead.  In an emergency situation, the light from a candle can truly make a world of difference to your situation. But let’s be realistic here – Candles are not terribly inexpensive.  Sure, you can head to the dollar store and pick up some cheap candles –Read more