Treating Seasonal Allergies Naturally :: Faulk Farmstead

Treating Seasonal Allergies – NATURALLY!

Let’s be honest:  There is nothing sexier than a woman with red, itchy, weepy eyes, am I right?   Ok, so you may not agree (and to be honest, either do I), but this is exactly the look I had been dealing with for weeks lately.  Now seasonal allergies are NOT a new problem forRead more

Pacing & Prioritizing: Getting Through the Spring Upswing :: Faulk Farmstead

Pacing & Prioritizing: Getting Through the Spring Upswing

  Spring on the Faulk Farmstead has hit me like a ton of bricks. Confessedly, I spent the entire winter blogging away, dreaming about Spring entering in the form of lush gardens and baby farmies.   Well, Spring is here, and that is NOT what is happening, folks.   Can you say…. OVERWHELMED?   JustRead more

Big Berkey Water Purifier Giveaway! **CLOSED**

  I am pretty dang excited today!  Stoked, actually!  Can’t you tell??   I have wanted a Big Berkey water purifier for several years now.  It is the epitome of household water purifiers, you know.  And just look at it in it’s glory – all shiny and beautiful.  I still don’t have one, however….  I get toRead more

Spring Happenings on the Faulk Farmstead :: Faulk Farmstead

Spring Happenings on the Faulk Farmstead

Spring on the farmstead?  Ab-so-lutely CRAZY.  Busy to the point of fault.  But not to worry – we are loving every moment of it! Although the Faulk Farmstead blog has been a bit quiet lately (due to Spring craziness and a super-secret upcoming project!), the farmstead itself has been anything but quiet.  Curious what we’veRead more

Goat Udder Balm - A Homestead DIY :: Faulk Farmstead

Goat Udder Balm – A Homestead DIY!

  Our goats work hard for us.  They put up with rough baby goats tugging and sucking and hitting their teats and udders.   Those girls deal with me trapping their heads in the milking stanchion and then milking them too.   I’m thinking their lady bits (no, not THOSE lady bits…) might deserve aRead more