Putting up (preserving)…

  The last couple days have been a bit of “purge” days for me.  After a long work weekend – and an empty belly – I looked in my full fridge, to only find ingredients, but nothing ready to eat.  Bread was down to the last piece + heel, and yogurt down to my last 1/2Read more


Brewin’ the ‘Booch… (Kombucha)

Ahhhhh, kombucha…  Just saying it has the ability to mellow me out…  Komboooocha….     In case you can’t tell – I LOVE kombucha.  I have never been much of a drinker of anything but water and coffee before.  Oh, and wine.  And a good micro beer.   But then I met kombucha.   Kom-what?   ConfusedRead more

Welcome to the Faulk Farmstead!!

  It’s official: Today is my fresh start, back into the world of blogging! Sounds so dramatic, eh? In reality, I shoved my blog to the back burner of my very full stove because life had simply become, well, too busy – but oddly enough, it’s because of everything I have put on my plate thatRead more