Exciting News to Share: Preserving Classes are Here!

I am thrilled to announce that I am finally taking the leap and sharing with you all one of my passions: Preserving! This summer I will be hosting a jam-making class right here at the Faulk Farmstead!  I am thrilled to share this event with 6 awesome peeps! Click here to learn more (and register)! Read more

How (NOT) to Take a Farm Vacation :: Faulk Farmstead

How (Not) to Take a Farm Vacation

This post was originally titled “How to Take a Farm Vacation.”  And then I decided it probably should be titled “How NOT to Take a Farm Vacation” because things didn’t  quite go as planned once we left our home state of Washington. . Let’s go back a bit… . In preparation for leaving town, my little sisterRead more

Eating Local In Hawaii: A Local Bite Update :: Faulk Farmstead

Eating Local in Hawaii: A Local Bite Update

Curious what I’ve been up to on this blogging hiatus?  Family:  Nurturing of relationships, bonding with kids…  VACATION! . We were fortunate enough to spend 11 glorious days on the island of Kauai.  Gorgeous.  We snorkeled, swam, ATV’d (is that a word??), relaxed, and ate.  Yup, ate.  You KNOW food was on the top ofRead more

Homestead Organization: The Homestead Binder :: Faulk Farmstead

Homestead Organization: The Homestead Binder

Today I’m rolling out a new feature on the Faulk Farmstead: Homestead Organization! Ah, organization on the homestead.  For me, this literally feels non-existent at times. To keep things afloat, however, some sort of organization is truly necessary for the well-being of our home.  For me, I need a common place to keep track ofRead more

July's Jumbo Homesteading Giveaway :: Faulk Farmstead

July’s Jumbo Homesteading Giveaway

Starting in Spring, I REALLY begin feeling like homesteading is in full-swing.  Seeds being planted, baby farmies being born, and Summer preparations being made.  Yep, the hard work is starting! Although we are currently wrapping up our family vacation away from the homestead, thoughts of summer chores are definitely on my mind.  I am curiousRead more