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Howdy all!  Welcome to the Faulk Farmstead!  We are amateur farmers, living out our dream in the beautiful state of Washington!   Thanks for joining us on the journey – and learning along with us!


Why should you read the Faulk Farmstead?

I have found that I learn most when I have read others experiences, not by reading reference manuals.  Do you learn that way?  Here’s how we got to this point…


Who am I and how did I get here?

You know those things you dream of, that you don’t actually think could happen?  Well it actually happened.  To me.

A little over one year ago, our family was given the chance to fulfill a dream I had been pondering for quite some time – To start our own farm.  All I wanted was to get a little acreage, let the husband get his man-shop, plant a garden, and get a few animals – nothing big and crazy.  Maybe a few chickens and a little milking goat.

I suppose it all started when I began thinking of how I could become just a little more sustainable.  Because, ya know, I can’t be too lofty with my ideas, right?  I thought, “Hey, I could get a couple chickens one day, have some fresh eggs, and ooh, I do love goat cheese, so, maybe a little milking goat too?  And of course a garden!  Yes!  That would be a great start!”  After coming to that conclusion, even though those things weren’t feasible at our current house, I delved into research – online, books, whatever I could get my hands on.  I was that pathetic person that had a bookshelf of homesteading books, living in a small neighborhood lot, no farm animals, and only lettuce thriving in my raised bed out back.  Yup, I was a poser.  And I think that was when my husband started to think I was crazy (Don’t worry – I passed that bug on to him as soon as we moved!).

When we were given the amazing opportunity to move to a home on 5 beautiful acres, it all started moving fast!  Thank goodness for all of that research!  And here we are – 1 year later we are now with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 26 chickens, 2 goats, 2 sheep, and a cow.  Houston, I think we officially have a farm.


Where is the Faulk Farmstead headed?

We are still both working full-time attempting to figure out our routine to fit it all in.   Hopefully, one day I can be able to tend to the farm full-time – another dream!  We have LOTS more to learn, and I know there are others out there that want to do this –  JUST.  LIKE.  ME.

THAT is why I started this blog.

– Mel

Onward!  🙂

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