Easy Mason Jar Ring Storage

Easy Mason Jar Ring Storage :: Faulk Farmstead

Here on our homestead, canning season is in full-swing.  Wondering if you’ve hit that point yet?  Does your kitchen look like mine?  Mason jar lids and rings strewn all over the counters, a water bath canner that never gets put away, and a never-ending supply of jars cooling on the counter – Yup.  Full-swing.


One thing that I’ve struggled with this year, however, has been storage of my mason jar lid rings.   Because I don’t store my jars with the rings on, I always seem to have an excess of rings clanging around.  Or falling out of the canning cabinet.  Or just plain driving me crazy.


Curious why I don’t store my jars with rings on?  Even though I check  all of my seals carefully after canning, there is always a risk that your seals could become faulty after storage.  If you keep the rings on during storage, you may not realize if one of those seals goes bad.  By storing the rings OFF of the jars, you will know a lot sooner if you have a lid fail!


So this brings on a bit of a dilemma: Where to keep all of these dang lid rings?!


I share with you, my easy peasy remedy: Bungee cords.


Easy Mason Jar Ring Storage :: Faulk Farmstead


No joke, folks.


I keep all of my empty canning jars in a large cupboard in my laundry room.  I simply hang a bungee cord on my towel rack and put the regular mouth rings on one side, wide mouth rings on the other!  This way, I don’t have to sort through the entire bungee cord to find a regular mouth ring that had been hiding in the wide mouth ring.  It happens.


Easy Mason Jar Ring Storage :: Faulk Farmstead

There you have it.  Canning season is now just a little bit easier for us all.  😉


Curious what book I’VE been reading for my preserving this season?


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15 thoughts on “Easy Mason Jar Ring Storage

  1. Such a great idea! I love this! I’m stealing one of the hubby’s bungee cords today and cleaning out the draw of lids in my kitchen:) Thanks for sharing this tip Mel!

      1. I haven’t used them yet but I’m anxious to try them. I already have a bunch of lids for this year so maybe next year. I was thinking that they would be a good gift, however, for all the ladies in my family who love to can! I will let you know how they work!

          1. I reuse salsa jars, pickle jars, etc. (For those who not still eating out of stores sometimes, ask a neighbor for them.) Wash, etc, and reuse their lids too. I KNOW, all the powers that be say not to, but some of my jars and lids have been used for ten seasons or more. They work for Boiling Water Baths only. Have never tried to pressure can in them. But I have reused the sealing lids for years – even in the pressure canner. Just be sure to boil both kinds of used lids to soften up the rubber.

  2. I do this, too! But I use bent metal clothes hangers b/c there is always some extra and they are truly crappy for hanging clothes. I unwrap the twisted part, then bend it around to fashion a hook, thread the rings on them by size, and then hook the end around and hang ’em up. Needle nose pliers work really well, here. And gloves!

  3. Wow you are brilliant! I have bag of different size lids hanging up and it is getting out of control to dig through them and get the right sizes lol. I am doing this when I get home tonight!

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