Exciting News to Share: Preserving Classes are Here!

I am thrilled to announce that I am finally taking the leap and sharing with you all one of my passions: Preserving!

This summer I will be hosting a jam-making class right here at the Faulk Farmstead!  I am thrilled to share this event with 6 awesome peeps!

Click here to learn more (and register)!  (more after the ad – hop on over!)


If you can’t make this one, not to worry – I have more fun classes in the making:

– In a Pickle: easy pickles – cukes, peppers, veggies!
– Salsa night!
– Jam On! with a Buzz: Can you say Bourbon cherries? Or Whiskey figs??
– Seasonal: Applesauce (sweet & savory variations), holiday gift-making
(syrups, winter compotes)
– BONUS: hosting a winter preserve swap!


Click here to learn more about Jam On!

If you want to stay informed of all of the preserving fun, make sure to sign up for our Putting Up (food preservation) Newsletter here!

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10 thoughts on “Exciting News to Share: Preserving Classes are Here!

  1. For not the first time, I wished I lived closer to you! I have my canning kit, but have not done more than freezer jams and kombucha (unrelated to canning, I know, but awesome!) so far. It’s one of the areas, like knitting, where I need to watch someone do it before I’ll fell comfortable doing it on my own. Have fun! This is such a great idea!

  2. I’m sitting here in Norway and wondering what kombucha is. Can’t find it out…….

    Love your blogg – inspires!

  3. Folks, I am working hard on a collaboration with one of my best blogger friends to see how I can do this online – That way it will be available to all! 🙂

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