Treating Seasonal Allergies – NATURALLY!

Treating Seasonal Allergies Naturally :: Faulk Farmstead

Let’s be honest:  There is nothing sexier than a woman with red, itchy, weepy eyes, am I right?


Ok, so you may not agree (and to be honest, either do I), but this is exactly the look I had been dealing with for weeks lately.  Now seasonal allergies are NOT a new problem for me.  For the last twenty years, I have dealt with the itchiness, sneeziness, and all-around uncomfortable-ness that is associated with allergy season in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Ten years ago, I even went through a round of allergy shots to try to get it under control (unsuccessfully).  However, I have been working to forego the chemically-laden OTC allergy medications that usually keep me symptom-free.  What did this mean for me?  This mean that in the peak of grass and pollen season here in Washington, I was miserable.  I just knew that there HAD to be a natural way to deal with this!

Sure enough, there is!  Hers is how I deal with my seasonal allergies now – and quite successfully, I might add!

Raw, local honey

Pollens that are local to your area are transported to hives by bees.  In turn, by ingesting this in its RAW form, you can help improve your immunity to these pollens that your body is mistaking as intruders. Take a couple teaspoons morning and night to help keep allergies at bay.  If you find that you typically have an itchy throat in conjunction with your regular allergies symptoms, make a simply remedy with a combination of raw honey, coconut oil, and lemon juice:  2 parts raw honey, 1 part melted coconut oil (make sure the melted oil isn’t hot, as you don’t want to kill off the properties of the raw honey), and fresh lemon juice to taste.  What a tasty remedy!


Lavender and peppermint essential oils for overall symptoms

Lavender has excellent properties to help soothe my body’s immune response and combined with peppermint, makes my favorite remedy.  I combine 3 drops of lavender essential oil and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil and apply to the bottom of my feet and to the back of my neck.  For kids, I dilute this in a small amount of a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil.  In my case, I usually only have to use this once, maybe twice, a day.  An added bonus?  You will smell wonderful!


Lavender essential oil for eye symptoms

In my case of issues, the itchy eyes are the worst for me!  Lately I have found that if I handle hay or straw during my morning chores, by the time I get back to the house, I have to stop myself from practically clawing my eyes out from the itchiness that has already set in.  This week I discovered that if I take a couple drops of lavender essential oil and swipe it along my brow bone and cheekbone, the symptoms subside in less than a minute.  Talk about fast-acting!  If you are sensitive to this application, it can also be diluted in a small amount of a carrier oil.


Feeling relieved to learn that you can battle seasonal allergies naturally, sans medication?  I sure was!  It is amazing how freeing it made me feel, after years of taking OTC and prescription allergy medications.  *whew*!


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Now that I’ve shared what I do for my allergies, share with us in the comments what you do for yours!

Treating Seasonal Allergies Naturally :: Faulk Farmstead

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8 thoughts on “Treating Seasonal Allergies – NATURALLY!

  1. Allergies are bad here in Texas and my poor boys always suffer in the spring. Our go-to’s are alfalfa tabs to help build up immunities to whatever is in the air and lavender EO to swipe on their nose.

  2. Thanks for your remedies. I live in WA as well, and the grasses have been my biggest problem. Since I stopped eating processed foods, and eating organic as much as possible, I don’t have the sneezing anymore. But my eyes are worse than ever. I will try the essential oils.

  3. Oh thank you! I didn’t have allergies until I was pregnant with my son, and I have been suffering since. Allergy pills don’t tend to help for more than an hour or two, and I don’t like taking pills to begin with. I can’t wait to try these. <3

    1. For me, I found that raw honey was a gradual improvement with less symptoms the longer I used it regularly. For immediate relief, nothing worked as well as essential oils for me!

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