Wall Bottle Opener – A Homestead DIY!

Wall Bottle Opener - A Homestead DIY :: Faulk Farmstead



Tired of rummaging through drawers looking for a bottle opener?  Frustrated because you need to open a bottle and only have one hand available because you are a) juggling a drippy scoby, b) carrying a basketful of eggs, or c) only have one clean hand?  

Yes, I know.  Homesteader troubles.  


Not to worry!  I have your solution!  I am here to save the day!


I give you….  Wall Bottle Opener! Da da da daaaaa!!!!



Wood plank (you may stain, if desired) – we used a 1 x 4, cut 15 inches long

Bottle opener – like this one

Wide-mouth pint mason jar

4 wood screws

2 small lag bolts – similar to these

Wire coat hanger piece – about 9 1/2 inches



1.   Stain wood if desired.  We stained our plank with THIS kind of stain.

2.  Position bottle opener about a half-inch from top of plank.  Secure with two wood screws.

Wall Bottle Opener - A Homestead DIY :: Faulk Farmstead

3.  Place remaining wood screws at bottom of plank, 1 1/2 inches from the bottom, 3/4 of an inch from the sides.  Do not screw them in completely – leave out about 3/8 of an inch to allow room to wrap coat hanger wire around it.

Wall Bottle Opener - A Homestead DIY :: Faulk Farmstead

4.  Wrap wire coat hanger around top of mason jar, below the lip.  Using  a pair of needle-nose pliers, bend the last half-inch of wire in towards the center of the jar (this will be on the backside of the jar).  Line jar up with screws on plank and bend wire around the screws.   After lining everything up, it may be easier to place jar in the wire after it has been secured.

Wall Bottle Opener - A Homestead DIY :: Faulk Farmstead

5.  Drill a 1/4 inch hole in plank, 4 1/2 inches from each end, dead center.  Once you find the desired location for the bottle opener, locate a stud, and secure plank to wall using lag bolts.

6.  Grab a beer, open it with your new kick-ass opener, and reward yourself for being so dang handy.


Now go out there and be productive – with a drink in hand!


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5 thoughts on “Wall Bottle Opener – A Homestead DIY!

    1. Elizabeth,

      We actually did use a few coats of the Golden Oak on the wood, however it was scrap wood that was fairly dark to start with. 🙂

  1. we made something similar only we use an old enamel coffee pot under ours. it’s also outside at our cottage so we put a couple of holes in the bottom of the pot to let the rain water out. works great! and the trick is to get it in the bucket!

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