Simple Gosling Brooder and Pen

Simple Gosling Brooder and Pen - A Homestead DIY! :: Faulk Farmstead

So there’s this thing about goslings that I wasn’t COMPLETELY prepared for.  They grow REALLY fast.


But I’ll be honest with you – I was told this ahead of time.  I was!  I just didn’t quite imagine it to this extent!  Olive has over doubled in size and is already growing out of her large box in my bathtub.  I needed a gosling brooder or pen – STAT!

There is a SLIGHT problem with this, though.  I have no more pens available for little animals.  Between the meat chicks and injuring/ailing chickens, I literally have no open areas!  Homesteader problems, I tell you…

Simple Gosling Brooder and Pen :: Faulk Farmstead

Whenever I run into an issue like this, the first thought I have is “How can I make this work WITHOUT spending any money?”  In this instance, I was able to do it!

The bathroom was still an ideal place for these little, ones, but putting them directly onto the floor of my bathtub was NOT a good idea in my book.

My solution?

Simple Gosling Brooder and Pen :: Faulk Farmstead

1.  Take a large black trash bag, and cut along one of the side seams and across the bottom, opening it into a large rectangle.

2.  Open up the trash bag and place it in the bottom of the tub.  Secure the bag to the sides of the bathtub with duct tape.  Be sure not to leave any open areas where a little gosling or duckling could wiggle through.

3.  Cover bottom of liner with wood shavings or whatever you prefer to have in your pens.

4.  Place your water and feed items in the pen and add your goslings/ducklings!

5. (Optional) If your little ones are still requiring a light, be sure to secure it well above the pen.  While ours were still needing a light, we clipped ours to our towel rack above it.

I confess, this isn’t an ideal brooder/pen – but as a short-term, no-cost solution, I couldn’t beat it!

Please note:  We have a separate shower in our bathroom.  PLEASE do not try this if you have no other way to bathe or shower!  I will not take responsibility for lack of hygiene!  🙂

What ways have YOU made make-shift brooders or pens for your farmies?  Share your creativity with us!

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