Maple Syrup Review & Giveaway **CLOSED**

Maple Syrup Review & Giveaway

Mmmmmmmmm maple syrup….

Pure, dark, robust maple syrup is my hands-down favorite foodie item to use for sweetening.  Yes, even more than honey.  Surprised?     In my opinion, there is nothing on the sweet spectrum that rivals the complexity of pure maple syrup.  (Hey now, don’t you worry – Raw honey still holds a dear place in my heart.  Just not within the realm of today’s blog post.)   I recently had the opportunity to get my hot little hands on a bottle of Mohawk Valley Trading Co’s Pure Maple Syrup.  Fan-freakin-tastic!  Seriously!  The sweet, yet complex flavor of the syrup was unlike syrup I had had before.  Completely hooked.   And I may or may not have hidden the bottle from the rest of the family.  Between you and I.   Looking for some new recipes to use while you give pure maple syrup a try?

Overwhelming for the foodie eyes, right?  Aside from the flavor, I prefer to use maple syrup for sweetening my food and drinks because it is naturally derived.   Mohawk Valley Trading Co’s maple syrup is made primarily from sugar maple sap, which is preferred to make maple syrup with, due to the higher sugar content.    Their maple syrup is now MY preferred syrup to use, due to the high quality – and excellent flavor!  Wow!   I bet you’re now wondering how YOU can get your hands on some of their maple syrup for yourself, am I right?   Well wouldn’t you know,  Mohawk Valley Trading Co. is giving away a bottle of the very same maple syrup to one of my readers!   Ready for this?

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Best of luck to you all!  🙂

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67 thoughts on “Maple Syrup Review & Giveaway **CLOSED**

  1. I like it the old-fashioned way…right on pancakes!!! I also add it to baked beans, brings everything together very nicely and helps to thicken. Thank you for the opportunity…Great Giveaway!!!

  2. I Love to put maple syrup on my pancakes! All the recipes look soo yummy! Thank you so mush for the giveaway!

  3. I think since going Paleo, my favorite way to use syrup is baking….it lends such great flavor along with its sweetness without making stuff taste like maple! …which isn’t a bad thing either.

  4. I saw a comment about using it to sweeten coffee…yum. I think I’ll have to try that. Currently, my favorite way to use maple syrup is it granola.

  5. My favorite way to use maple syrup is to use it in place of sugar. Whether in baking or adding to breakfast items (coffee, pancakes, oatmeal, etc.)

  6. I love maple syrup on my blueberry or banana pancakes. The kids love it with my chocolate chocolate chip waffles. I also put a bit on my bacon and eggs.

  7. I love making paleo pancakes and putting maple syrup in the batter, that way the kids don’t have to pour it all on and we still get the wonderful taste of maple throughout it.

  8. On pancakes or in oatmeal. I love maple syrup. But I would absolutely LOVE to try black walnut syrup. I didn’t know you could make that either. Black walnuts are my favorite nuts, so I know I’d adore black walnut syrup. It’s so exciting, I pinned it to look at often.

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