A Goat Update on the Faulk Farmstead

Goat Update :: Faulk Farmstead

I’m here to satisfy your curiosity.

 I know you’ve been wondering how the Faulk goats have been lately, am I right?  Looking for a goat update?

First things first, Spartacus is 4 weeks old!  How the heck did that happen so fast?!  He is growing like a weed and is now able to spend his nights in his own stall – allowing mama Totes to rest and fill up for me to milk her every morning.  Just like any kid, however, he has the ability to take a nap just about anywhere

Goat Update :: Faulk Farmstead

When Spartacus was two weeks of age, we started separating him from mama at night so that I could start milking her once daily, in the morning.   Ah, milking…  So, this has gone FAIRLY well – considering that both Totes and I are “virgin” milkers:  Me with no experience and her a first freshener.    I will say, however, that every day I get a little bit more than the last day – with yesterday topping out at just over 1 cup of fresh, sweet milk!   Although I had my doubts when I first ordered it, this milking pail has proven to be PERFECT for milking my little Nigerian Dwarfs!

Magotes is definitely looking more pregnant everyday – and if she ISN’T pregnant, then it appears we may have a bigger problem on our hands!

Totes and Magotes have settled into their roles as mama and auntie – and are back to their own antics.  Their punishment for BOTH getting stuck in the fence?  Having to wait for me to take their “picture of shame”…

Goat Update :: Faulk Farmstead

What’s been happening on YOUR farmstead?  Little babies (of ANY variety)?   


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