The Garden Expansion: Progress in Pictures

The Garden Expansion :: Faulk Farmstead

After wrapping up our first year homesteading, I have determined that another year of big changes is upon us.


New animals on the farm have arrived – one new kid, 8 laying chicks, and 25 meat chicks.  New life is showing up on the farmstead, bringing a renewed sense of excitement to the surrounding air.


The garden, however, has laid dormant for months, staring coldly at me through the side kitchen window.   We knew we wanted to expand our 25 x 25 enclosed garden area that contained 2 large raised beds last year.   Our plan?  To and the fence expand the garden to a 50 x 25 enclosed garden with rows instead of raised beds.


The Garden Expansion :: Faulk Faulkstead
The original garden plot…


This week, we were finally able to put this dream in motion.


The Garden Expansion :: Faulk Farmstead
Rototilling the garden…
The Garden Expansion :: Faulk Farmstead
We have soil!


One downfall to our soil here – it is extremely rocky.  Oh, and by rocky, I don’t mean pebbles.  I’m talking boulders here.  But if there is one thing we are good at here on the Faulk Farmstead, it is re-using things!  We weren’t about to let these big rocks go to waste!  Since we already had an existing gate from the old fenced garden, we used that as our middle aisle and placed the large rocks in the dirt as a path.  We will soon be adding a thin layer of concrete in-between the rocks to make a pathway for our wheelbarrow.


The Garden Expansion :: Faulk Farmstead

Next steps for us?  Smoothing out the soil, creating rows and aisles,  and finally….  Planting!

Are you preparing your garden for seedlings as well?  Looking for a great resource?  Head here:


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3 thoughts on “The Garden Expansion: Progress in Pictures

  1. Hey Mel! Your garden expansion looks awesome! Nice to see that soil! We still have a pretty heavy snow cover here, but are also expanding our garden again this year…seems to never be enough veggies!!!! 😉 Thanks for sharing your project!
    Blessings~ Wendy

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