Early Spring on the Faulk Farmstead

Early Spring on the Faulk Farmstead


April has arrived – and with it, beautiful weather!  It is definitely feeling like early Spring around here!


Curious what we’ve been up to?


Just in case you have been out of the loop, we have a new kid on the farmstead!  Our Nigerian Dwarf goat, Totes, gave birth to an adorable buckling!  Spartacus arrived about a month and a half ago and is literally growing like a weed!   We are now separating mama and kid at night-time, allowing me to milk Totes every morning.  Finally!  Milk for the family!  Next up for a kid is Magotes, Totes’ twin sis – We are hoping for a birth any day now!


Early Spring on the Faulk Farmstead


Remember those adorable chicks we got a couple of months ago?  They are growing fast as well and working on integrating themselves in with the “big” chickens.  They are currently residing in the A-frame chicken tractor within the chicken/goat pasture with the freedom to come and go as they wish – All appear to be adjusting well!


We now have a total of two roosters – a large red/orange mix-breed roo and a tiny Mille de Fleur banty.  When a rooster that tiny starts crowing, it is the cutest noise ever.  Just don’t tell HIM that!


Early Spring on the Faulk Farmstead
“Red” the roo


Early Spring on the Faulk Farmstead
Our Mille de Fleur roo


Our very first “flock” of meat chickens arrived to us at the start of April – 25 day-old Freedom Rangers.  This will be our first attempt at a large number of meat chickens – and we are pretty dang excited about it.  They are feathering up nicely and should be moved outdoors to their new chicken tractor later this week.  Fast growing little buggers, I tell ya’!


Our big garden expansion has started and we have our root veggie seeds planted: parsnips, two varieties of carrots, golden beets, and red beets.  My kitchen, however, is still overflowing with seedlings.  All in due time, I tell myself…


Lastly (Kind of a LOT going on, right?!), we have eggs incubating!  Yes.  The Spring “crazy” has officially hit and I do believe we are maxed out on animals.  🙂  I was able to get my hands on 4 goose eggs for hatching.  This is my very first attempt at incubating and I am HOPING for one successful hatch.  I am using the Hovabator incubator from Incubator Warehouse.   We are about 2 weeks in to our 28-32 days cycle – Unfortunately, it appears that only one of the eggs is viable.  But hey, it’s our first time – and I may get a goose!  Learning as we go – ALWAYS.   Stay tuned!!


Whew!  After writing this, now I understand precisely why I’ve been so tired lately!  What have you been up to on YOUR property?  Any baby farmies for you?


Early Spring on the Faulk Farmstead

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