Lessons Learned – via 4-H!

4-H Lessons

This past weekend, my daughter and I had the opportunity to attend a local 4-H function – And definitely had some lessons learned!

The day-long event we attended had a schedule of about 20 classes that we could choose from for a pretty small registration fee.  There were 4 sessions available, with some of the classes lasting for two sessions.  Since I was “tagging along” with her, I let her plan out our day.  We were both pretty excited!

First on the agenda was a Food Preservation class (two session class).  Even though I have been canning for at least 15 years, I was still excited to attend and see what else I could learn.  We were put in a group that learned how to make plum jam (the other group made apple pie jam).   We were able to take home a couple jars of each.  Emma had such a great time!  A kid taking notes on a Saturday?  That’s motivation!   And in case you are wondering, I DID learn some new things!  For one, I never knew their was such thing as a steam juicer – which I have heard is an uber cool tool!  Also, I have now been discouraged to double my jam batches (GUILTY) as it can affect the set of my jams.  Whoops.

Lessons Learned

My daughter is currently in her first year of 4-H – with hopes to show Totes in the pack-goat division of the fair.  Although the dairy division was her first choice, Totes has horns, which eliminates her from all but the pack-goat project.  For our afternoon session, she chose a Pack-Goat basics class (two sessions).   Personally, I found this class SUPER informative!  I still consider ourselves newbie goat owners (after a year) with so much more to learn.  Quite a large part of our class was regarding goat basics, to include food and health – with LOTS of handouts!  Yes!  We also (of course) learned lots about using goats for packing, which sounds like a lot of fun – although I think I might want a BIGGER goat!  I know, crazy…   But after seeing the goat we interacted with, you might change your mind too.   He was a 250-lb Ober/Nubian.  Look at that face! (After the JUMP!)

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

So, what else did I learn at the 4-H day?  I learned that these classes are extremely helpful to the development of my child.  She learned how to preserve the product of our land – safely.  She learned how animals can help us in our day-to-day life – and how to properly care for them.

What did I learn about myself?  I was reminded how much I LOVE canning – and am now considering obtaining more training so I can teach my own food preservation classes!

All in all, a most excellent day.  Lots of memories made with my daughter!   Have you had any experience with 4-H?  What did you learn?

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7 thoughts on “Lessons Learned – via 4-H!

  1. I was never involved in 4-H (It wasn’t a big deal in South Florida) but now wish there was an adult version. I would love to see those goat hand outs! I’m using this year to prep for my own homesteading adventure and goats are definitely in the game plan!

    1. Jessa,
      I feel the same way – I guess I’m living vicariously through her. 😉 We had about 1-2 years of prep-time before we moved to our current property – I am so thankful for that. 🙂 Best of luck to you!

  2. I was involved with 4-H from elementary school up until I graduated high school! My mom and older sister were as well! I absolutely love 4-H and think it is such an important and beneficial program! They taught me so much and I made great friends. When I was older, it opened up doors for opportunities like DPA and State Congress where I competed in vocal competitions and won money. I also received a scholarship through 4-H when I graduated high school. By far, the best club I have ever been a part of. I agree with the other person who said they wish there was 4-H for adults!! I would so be into that!

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