Housework. C’mon – Is it REALLY that Important?



Housework.  Yes.  THAT word.

I truly go back and forth between not caring that my house is a mess – and then being a total ball of stress over it.

I have decided it is time for a solution.  Have you ever tried scheduling in your weekly cleaning?  I tried this once before, but I was a bit, um, overzealous – I think I had 5 things scheduled for each day – along with a rotating schedule for additional things like “deep clean cabinets” and “clean baseboards”.

In reality, this is what my kitchen/work space looks like on a near-daily basis (on a good day)…


And yes, that’s my beer there.  Oh, and beer does NOT add to the mess.  In case you were wondering.

Let me be honest.  Here on the farmstead, while working full-time outside the home – I just don’t have the time – nor the energy – to keep that up.    My short-term solution (which if it works, will become a long-term solution)?  Minimize what I feel I MUST do, and plan it out – just a little bit every day.   This way, even on my day-job days, I can still get a little done when I get home – which helps me avoid spending my entire days “off” cleaning.  Ready ?

Monday: Floors (vacuum, sweep, mop) – in reality, I don’t intend on this taking long.  My focus will be high-traffic areas only if it is a day I work – if I am “off” that day, I will do it all.  Good intentions, right?

Tuesday: Bathroom & bedroom.  Self-explanatory, I’m sure.  🙂

Wednesday:  Dust/windows – once again, if it is my work day, I will just gloss over the high traffic areas.  I can catch everything else up the following week.

Thursday:  Kitchen.  Yes, I actually try to clean my kitchen daily, but once a week I will allow myself a little extra time to wipe down spotty cabinets, the fridge, etc.

Friday:  Farmie chores.  Friday is the only day I have that I am “off” every week.  So it just seemed natural that this would the day that everyone gets fresh bedding and an overall tidying up.

Weekends:  I am home every other weekend, which of course will be the time to tackle any “major” projects.

Now I know it may seem like there is a lot missing from my list of cleaning chores.  That is intentional.   I am officially cutting myself some slack – allowing myself to only be accountable for what I consider to be the necessary chores.

Because you have to cut a little stress out sometimes.

Balance.    I don’t know about you, but I cannot function when I am unbalanced and stressed-

I give you permission to let go a little, and cut yourself some slack.  You deserve it.  

Have you allowed yourself to pare down your list of expectations?  Share with us in the comments what YOU are going to give up!

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6 thoughts on “Housework. C’mon – Is it REALLY that Important?

  1. Nope this kind of lists never works for me. Because I know if I mop/sweep on Monday I will consider the rest of the house clean and will only clean again next monday. So now I have one cleaning day, I sweep and mop and that’s about it.

    1. I hear you! This is my way of cutting myself some slack. My schedule doesn’t let me have a full day for cleaning – We’ll see how it goes!

  2. I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner this week. How sad is it that I’m thrilled over a tool that cleans? I’m depending on it to keep up with three dogs, two cats and an outdoors lifestyle that gets tracked inside.

    I have a house keeping schedule. If I don’t have it written down I’ll forget to do something long enough for it to become a big project. Without lists I’m fairly hopeless.

    1. Ooh! I’ve always wanted a Dyson! Is it as wonderful as I think it would be? 🙂 Your house sounds like mine! 🙂

      I’m DEFINITELY a list person. 😉

  3. I’ve been really, really slack in my “household duties” lately. On the one hand, really? Who cares if it’s not spotless? But on the other hand? What if somebody pops in? I think your weekly list is doable. Not like that crazy Fly Lady. 😉

    1. Haha! I’ll admit, if you want to see me in a panic, tell me that someone is on their way over to the house – or worse yet, the doorbell rings and I was NOT expecting them! When I had a bigger, more specific list, I felt more under stress. I agree that this list is more doable. Thanks Kris!

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