The First Week with our Baby Goat – Meet Spartacus!

A kid on the Faulk Farmstead - Spartacus!

It finally happened.  The very first baby farmie to be born on the Faulk Farmstead – courtesy of our dear Totes.  On Friday, March 7th, we welcomed Spartacus, our first baby goat!

I’ll be sure to share the FULL birth story at a later time, but here is the condensed version…

As you may already know, we were unsure of when actual conception had occurred, but we were guesstimating that her kidding would occur at the end of the this month (March).   On Thursday (March 6th), we noticed that her udder had started to slightly fill, so I started to think, “Hmmm, maybe it will be a little sooner than that…”   My dilemma?  I had NOTHING in terms of supplies – ya know, just in case the birth went awry.

The supplies I picked up?  Bottle nipples, kid colostrum supplement, iodine tincture, puppy pads, gloves, and lubricant.  Yes, I know it’s a tad shabby, but it was a start!    The other thing on our list to do was to build a kidding stall.  Currently, Totes and Magotes shared a large stall, but I wanted an area just for mom and kid(s).   It was decided that the next day, Friday, would be our day to get it all done.

I awoke to a goat with an even BIGGER udder than the day before, but was told by a friend that we may still have a few weeks.   Totes, however, had other plans.  While we were in the process of building her stall, she proceeded to lie down in the pasture and start to have her babe.

My husband scooped her up, rushed her to the half-built stall (with hardly any hay or preparations made), and in less than 10 minutes, her single kid was born – Spartacus!

baby goat

I was SOOOOO excited!  AND we were able to capture the entire birth on video!

baby goat

And like any nervous first-time farmie mama, I felt that he needed a night-time sweater…

Baby goat in a sweater

We are feeling incredibly blessed to have had an uneventful birth and a healthy mama and kid.  Stayed tuned for more updates on our little bouncing bundle of joy!

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7 thoughts on “The First Week with our Baby Goat – Meet Spartacus!

  1. We have a Gannicus! He was born in February, one of triplet bucks that were the first animals born on our farm.

  2. SWEET!!!! We had our first lambs earlier this year – so freaking exciting! Even had to help deliver one babe from a young momma who was having issues.

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