Contentment. Omnia que cupio iam habeo. Have You Found It?

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Four years ago, when this picture was taken, my life was very different than it is today.

We lived in a suburban neighborhood, within walking distance to my daughter’s school.  We owned two cats and two bunnies – and that was it.  We had a tiny garden, that produced minimal food, due to minimal sunlight.

But our lives were changing.  Although I had no idea that we would be where we are now in such a short time, I felt where we were heading.  I had changed my outlook, trying  to do as much for us myself as I could – growing, creating, crafting.

But I had also reached a point where – even though I had changes ahead of me that I so strongly desired – I was content.  I realized that those things that were of utmost importance to me – I had them.

And with those things – family, love, and passion – How could I ask for more?   Those are the things that brought me to the beautiful place in life where I am today.   This past weekend, while celebrating our wedding anniversary, I looked back on this last year – our first year on the homestead – and told my husband the truth:  “This past year – It was the best one of my entire life.”

Four years ago I tattooed these words on my arm – and every single day of my life since then, I live them.

Omnia quae cupio iam habeo :: “Everything I could want, I already have”


Are you out there living your life the way YOU want it?    How do you measure contentment?

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6 thoughts on “Contentment. Omnia que cupio iam habeo. Have You Found It?

  1. Really beautiful sentiment 🙂 I struggle with being content in the “now” (working a business lifestyle, living in a tiny apartment with no light, saving to purchase a home/land to start a farm, etc.). But looking at my “now” through the light of love, passion, and family ~ I already have it all. Thanks for beautiful words and an encouraging outlook today!

    1. Thanks so much, Caitlin! We aren’t quite where we want to be yet either – but we are getting there! I have to remind myself to find contentment in every step of our journey – It is all so special!

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