Trying to “Do It All”

Today’s DIY post is a little different than the norm.  I’m not going to show you how to sew your own napkins, or make your own face cream, or even how to make your own cleaning supplies.


Nope, today’s post is more of a confession.


There is something that happens to me on a near daily basis.


In day-to-day conversation, I often get asked by a friend or co-worker, “Geez, how do you do it all?”   To be honest?  I tell them I don’t.  I sure as hell try to, but it’s just not possible for me right now, to “do it all”.


So today is confession day.  Today you will see – I really can’t do it all.


If you would rather continue to picture me as an amazing DIY-ing, homesteading, full-time nurse with the pristine house and gorgeous meals – Please walk away from the computer and continue to think that.  😉


But for those looking for a dose of reality, here you go:

  • My sink is almost always full of dishes.  The dishwasher?  Often full of clean dishes.  Sad, I know.
  • Although I constantly sweep my kitchen floor, it is always littered with dog hair.  Might I mention – my entire kitchen is WHITE.  Problematic, I know.
  • I don’t remember the last time I made my bed.  I just keep the door shut.
  • When I get home from a long day at work, I change from my work clothes into PJ pants and leave them in a pile in the bathroom.  This happens ALL THE TIME.  And the pile stays there for a couple days.  🙂
  • My goal is to make bread every week.  Last week, my husband bought two loaves at Costco.  And I was relieved.
  • We buy our raw milk from a farmer that lives 35 minutes away.  When I can’t squeeze it in my schedule.  We buy milk.  At a store.  Fo’ reals.  🙂


I really could go on and on – But I’m starting to realize I have a lot of work to do!  🙂

Trying to Do It All


The bottom line is this:  Life is short.  One day, I won’t recall that my house was messy or that I couldn’t keep up with the dishes, or that my bed is always unmade and ready to jump in.

 I will remember the hours I spent in my pasture with my kids.  I will remember watching football with my husband.  I will remember the home-cooked meals that I enjoy with my family.


My friend Ashley over at The Browning Homestead gave me some great advice last week when I was feeling more than overwhelmed with what was on my plate.  Here’s what she told me:

ashley quote

And I continue to remind myself of this every. single. day.

Thank you, Ashley!!!  🙂


This post can also be seen at the Simple Lives Blog Hop!

Do you cut yourself some slack?  What things do you sacrifice?

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11 thoughts on “Trying to “Do It All”

  1. Such a great post- thanks Mel! It is so hard to do everything and the expectation for yourself is so high. I feel the same way. You are amazing and I so appreciate your perspective. 🙂

  2. I totally relate to this! Especially the dishes in the sink and dishwasher and changing into PJ’s thing 🙂 Oh, and my dryer is almost always full of clothes that I’ve failed to fold and put away. Most of the time I find myself getting socks from the dryer instead of my sock drawer!

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes!! Thank you for your honestly, I already feel better.
    We seem to have the exact same ….err….bad habits. I’m not a 50’s housewife, they didn’t have facebook or the internet, I really think it’s the modern day home curse.

    We keep twinkle lights around our kitchen window too, and the living room.. and the kids room. We take them down in March to ease into spring, but when it gets so dark so early it’s nice to have a little warming.

  4. Oh.. Finally someone confessed! We are only two but I cannot keep up with the amount of dirty dishes we put up each day and i hate chores! Now I try to keep up with my chores as part of my goals this month and wash right after the breakfast. But if I miss that window they sit sadly all day long.. sigh.. i cannot even imagine with kids.

    1. Nihal – It’s hard even if it’s just one! 🙂 Dishes – Clearly not my priority every day. LOL Best of luck with your goals this month!

  5. I remember, when my boy was little, before I went back to work when my house was clean, and rarely were there dishes in the sink. There was often a baked good (banana bread, zucchini bread, or muffins) in the glass cake dish and if unexpected company showed up – I did NOT shudder.

    Not so much these days – full-time undergrad studies, part-time work, and full-time farmstead activities often pull me away from what can wait: dishes & laundry. That is, until someone (me) needs a cup of coffee or a clean pair of *favorite* jeans (me again.)

    Life is usually what is happening while we are making other plans, yes? Enjoy the ride. The dishes can wait. And so can most of the other stuff, too.

    Stay present, that’s why we call it a gift.

    1. Thanks Danielle! I think we are our worst critics in trying to get it all accomplished – we HAVE to allow ourselves a little slack! 🙂

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