Spring Seeds Have Arrived!

Seed Starting

Remember when I struggled and stressed over what seeds to order?   After a couple weeks of “mulling it over”, I finally came to a decision – A decision I am QUITE happy with!   Ready to hear about my Spring seeds?

I ordered the majority of my seeds from Baker Creek this year (although had a couple things left over from last year) – Here’s what I decided on:   Drumroll please……

  • Beans:  Beans Cartare (bush) and Old Homstead (Kentucky Wonder Pole) from Baker Creek
  • Peppers: Friariello Di Napoli (cone-shaped peppers for pickling and frying) from Baker Creek, Poblanos and Anaheims leftover from last year
  • Cucumbers: Cucumber Marketmore 76 (slicing cuke) from Baker Creek and McPick Hybrid (pickling cuke) from Territorial Seed Co. 
  • Lettuce: Parris Island Cos from Baker Creek
  • Kale: Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch from Urban Farmer Seeds
  • Broccoli: Calabrese Green Sprouting from Baker Creek
  • Brussels sprouts: Long Island Improved from Baker Creek
  • Tomatoes: Purple Bumblebee (cherry), Cherokee Purple (Heirloom, slicing), and San Marzano Lungo No. 2 (paste/sauce), all from Baker Creek
  • Beets: Bull’s Blood (red) and Golden from Baker Creek
  • Carrots: Cosmic Purple and St Vallery  from Baker Creek
  • Parsnip: Harris Model from Baker Creek
  • Radish: Early Scarlet Globe from Baker Creek


This past week, I started all of my seeds inside (except the beets, carrots, parsnips, and radishes – which I will directly sow).  Thanks to my dear daughter Emma, we have pictures to document all of my hard work!


I used a combination of 20 qts organic seed starter plus 1 cubic foot of potting soil to start my seeds in.  I also used 72-cell plant trays, like these ones, to start them in.   I mixed these in a large tub outside, then brought it in by the bowlful to fill the cells inside (Raining sideways out there!)

spring seeds

I started by pouring the soil into the plant trays, using a medium kitchen scooper as well.

spring seeds

After filling the cells, I used an old pastry tart shaper to pat down the soil into the cell.  Worked like a charm!

spring seeds

Next, I used the end of the seed markers to make a little hole in the soil for the seed.  After placing a seed in the whole (two seeds if they are small ones), I covered it back up and gave it another little pat down.

spring seeds

spring seeds

After all the seeds are in and the soil is gently packed in, it’s time to water them!  They need to be kept moist to encourage germination, so I usually start with an old spray bottle filled with water or my kitchen sprayer nozzle on at barely a trickle.  Just enough to keep them moist – a bit like damp sand.  Be careful not to drown your seeds!

spring seeds

Lastly, mark your trays with appropriate seed markers, cover with the included lid, and place in a warm sunny spot.  For us, that would be our kitchen window, on top of our island.

spring seeds

I check on my seedlings a few times a day, just to make sure the soil is remaining moist enough.  Stay tuned for our next steps as we get closer to planting time!

Have you started your seeds yet?  What are you planting this year?

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This is what I’m reading to get ready for my Spring garden!


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