Winter? I Would Like to Officially Break Up With You.

 Maybe a better title for this post would be “Reasons I am ready for winter to be over”, but I feel a bit more strongly than that.


November was cold, December was mild, January is alternating cold and rainy, and apparently February will be even colder.

This has not been sitting well with me.

So here are my reasons why.


1.  I want my clothesline back.  I hate using my clothes dryer.  I want crisp, fresh clothes again.  Period.

Empty clothesline - Pre-farmies
Empty clothesline – Pre-farmies

2.  Wet dogs.  I am officially tired of wiping off huge, wet paws every time the pups come in the back door – which is often.  I am also tired of mopping the kitchen floor, only to (minutes later) have it littered with big paw prints because the paws didn’t get wiped off.


3.  My garden needs attention.  It needs to be cleaned out and expanded – big time.  If it’s a little crisp out, I can handle that.  Digging in the rain or in frozen ground?  Not so much.

 rain garden


4.  Soggy pastures and minimal grass.  Every time it starts raining and blowing (which is often), Sally make a run for the barn.  Which means we have to deal with soggy, poopy ground in there.  Which means shoveling.  And frowning (me).   I am also ready for lush pastures, like last spring – instead of the ugly brown I see currently.

Frodo in last year’s grass

5.  Morning coffee.  Oh, don’t worry – I’m still getting my morning coffee.  But I now drink it in front of my computer, instead of on my back patio where I can watch my farmies.  It’s the little things that make me happy, folks.  Like coffee outside.


6.  I’m ready for kids.  No, not the human variety.  Have enough of those.  Ready for goat kids!  I can’t wait!  Still crossing fingers!

magotes preg


I thought about continuing this list, but am realizing how whiny and complain-y I am sounding.  🙁  But really – You’re ready for it to be over too, right??


The countdown has officially began.  There are 66 days until Spring arrives.  You’re welcome.


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7 thoughts on “Winter? I Would Like to Officially Break Up With You.

  1. haha. I’m eager for spring too! 66 days? We should have a countdown clock thing on the side of our blogs. I might have to go looking for one of those. 🙂 I am enjoying the rest and planning part of winter – but not the coldness and dead vegetation.

  2. Oh lordy, I could have written this post 🙂 I’m tired of both sounding and FEELING whiny. I’m tired of the snow and the unending wind and the frozen fingers and frozen eggs and the grumpy pig and…most all of winter except the first two hours of a heavy snowfall when there’s no sound and only gentle beauty.

    Six months of winter, and we only get about one week of that beautifulness. I too, am waiting and waiting for spring!

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