“Real Lunches, Real Easy!” An E-Guide Worth Your Moo-lah!

We love REAL food here at the Faulk Farmstead.  Thankfully, this has rubbed off on my daughter.


She absolutely HATES school lunches.  In the past couple of years, she has probably purchased “HOT” lunch once or twice – And I have to hear about it’s horrors for DAYS afterwards.  True story.

I pack my daughter’s lunches everyday and really work hard to send her to school with healthy, real food – that she also ENJOYS eating.  Providing variety is important, because as we know, kiddos get bored.  The last thing I want her to do is to start trading her food from home for something that looks “better” from another kid at school!  Heck no!

I’m not perfect though.  Surprised?  Just kidding.  😉  I run out of ideas – a lot.  I am always looking for inspiration…

One of my go-to sites for motivation is 100 Days Of Real Food, a great blog full of ideas, meal plans, and inspiration!  The best part?  The ideas found there are completely do-able.  Very important to note!


So imagine my thrill when I read a post the other day about a special e-guide they were going to offer for a limited time!  “Real Lunches, Real Easy!” is a e-guide containing 6 full weeks of school lunch menus and TONS of great ideas!  Oh, and did I mention….  It’s only $9!?

Layout 1As of today, it is officially purchased, and open on my computer.  I am stoked!  It is chock full of meal plans, recipes, web link, helpful hints – A goldmine of info here, folks!

I can’t stress one point enough, though:  This is only available until January 27th – 2 weeks.  But would you really want to wait that long?  By the 27th, I will already be TWO WEEKS in to making these awesome meals for my kiddo!

So go for it!  Jump on in and start sending your kid to school with healthy, tasty lunches that they will love – and the other kids will be jealous of.  😉

 Ok, that wasn’t very nice, was it?  But true.  So true…


Click here to purchase!

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