Planning the Larder for the Week

Planning the Larder

How do you plan for your week?  Do you meal plan?   Do you have childcare arrangements to make?  Do you plan out your larder?


All of the above for me.


When it comes to meal planning, I still don’t really have it down to a science.  Right now, I look at the calendar, figure out what days my husband and I will both be home for dinner and go from there.  My days that I work, I don’t plan a thing – Getting home at 8:30pm is NOT conducive to dinner-making in my book.   The remaining nights are the ones that it is just my daughter and I – which means I let her pick the meal (usually this).   So as you can see, I try to keep it pretty casual!


I am lucky enough to work three 12 hour shifts per week – which means I end up working two “weekdays”.  One bonus to that is I only need to set up childcare twice per week.  Score!


Ah, the larder.  I have to say, this is where most of my time planning goes in.   Since cutting out processed foods, I need to plan ahead to make sure I have food that is ready for the family to grab as they head to work, school, or just a quick snack.


Here are some of the things I make every week:

  • Kombucha:  We absolutely love this fermented drink and brew about a batch per week.  My family’s current favorite flavor is green tea with blueberry-pomegranate  (This has been the favorite for a looooooong time!)
  • Gummy snacks:  the flavor of gummies I make really depends on what’s in the fridge on the day I make them – Fruit juice, kombucha, etc.  If I have fruit to puree and add or yogurt to toss in, it goes in as well!  Not to worry – a tutorial on these is coming soon!  
  • Bread:  Our family usually goes through one to two loaves per week.
  • Yogurt:  On the weeks that I drive out to pick up raw milk, I pick up two gallons and use one of those to make yogurt.  From that yogurt, I will have whey leftover for bread-making – and will sometimes make yogurt cheese as well.
  • Granola bars:  After chilling my granola bars, I cut them up and individually wrap them so that they are ready to grab and go.  They are super quick to whip up as well!
  • Cheese crackers:  I don’t usually get these done every week – more like every other week or so.  Great alternative to chips – The kids love them!
  • Preserving:  I am a firm believer in preserving year-round.  Even in the winter months, I am canning dried beans, beets, beans – really anything i can get my hands on.    Leave nothing to waste!


Now, I don’t do all of these in one day.  My work schedule is staggered every week, so I try to do just one of these on each day off – sometimes more.  I really just depends on how motivated I am!


Yes, making food from scratch takes time.

Yes, making food from scratch takes planning.

YES.  Making food from scratch is worth it.  

Planning your larder for the week is essential to eating unprocessed –  

But it is doable.


This week, I plan on adding something new to my larder: kefir!  I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes!  :)


Do you plan out your larder for the week?  What are your items that you consistently make?


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  1. carolin martens says:

    I usually plan out the meal plan on Thursday night or Friday night. Write out the items I need to buy. I have tried not doing this but at 5.00am standing in the kitchen not knowing what breakfast, or lunch does not work for me. I made candles weekly to use with the clay pots to keep the house warmer. We use cloth toilet paper, so they are washed about 2 times a week. Cook from scratch so like you need to know what is in the freezer, what has to be soaked, etc. Hang clothes on the line, so that has to be kept up. Run a daycare out of my home–40 hours plus. Sometimes I feel like a chicken with my head cut off, but it all gets done, and saves me a ton of money. I feel I don;t always have time, but I will always have more time than money.Daughter needs braces with little coverage. I enjoy making things from scratch and knowing what we are eating.

  2. I always try to keep chicken broth stocked up. I also usually have vegetable broth from leftover ends of vegetables I use throughout the week, as well as a pork or beef stock if we ate either of those during the week. Fish stock is pretty common for us during the summer.

    I also try to keep sauces stocked up (tomatillo salsa, BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustards, etc.) as well as pico de gallo.