Meet Our Family Cow, Sally Gooden!

Happy Friday, all!  On today’s Friday with the Farmies, I will introduce you to Sally Gooden, our family cow.


I never planned on getting a family milk cow.  Really.  I planned on having goats for milk and maybe raising a cow for meat.  How did we end up here, you ask?  I know that I have told you of Sally before in this post and this one – But let’s really meet her, shall we?


After the chickens and the goats, my farmie-bug was passed on my husband.  I knew this had happened on the day he said, “We should get a calf and raise it for meat.”  I’m sure you can guess my response.  “Sure!  Why the heck not?!”


After some researching on Craigslist, off we went to pick up a tiny little meat calf.  I refused to name him, so we called him 11 (his ear-tag number) as to not get attached.  I won’t get into the story of  11, as he fell ill after only one month with us – and didn’t make it.


I digress.  When we went to the farm to pick out 11, there was one female calf there, a Holstein.  We chatted with the farmer and his wife for a bit about our love for raw milk – and he offered some to us in the future.  Score!  As far as that female calf, I thought “Oh, one day….”, but that was it.  We hauled our new calf home and went on with our business.


Fastforward two days.  I get a message from my husband while I was at work.  “I’m going to go back to the farmer today.  You need a milker.”


Well heck!  I wasn’t going to say no!  🙂   Hubby and daughter headed out, picked her up, and there she was, waiting for me when I got home.  And my daughter proclaimed, “She will be named Sally Gooden.”  (Summer of the Monkeys, anyone?)


11 and Sally Gooden
11 and Sally Gooden
My, isn't she purty?
My, isn’t she purty?


Sally is definitely my “baby” when it comes to the farmies.  She gets a hug EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. from me.  Most of the time, she doesn’t seem to mind.  😉   Of all of the farmies, she is hands-down the most vocal.  I love that “MOO” of hers!

Sally, at 8 months of age
Sally, at 8 months of age


Today, Sally is almost a year old (in February).  Time flies!  Our “plan” is to breed her around 18 months of age and eventually have milk for the family.

Currently, she resides in our far pasture, along with our ram and ewe.  Everyone gets along sportingly – so far!  She is strictly grass-fed – so only pasture and hay for her.

Doing her "frisky" dance
Doing her “frisky” dance
Sally with her "winter" coat, in December
Sally with her “winter” coat, in December


All in all, even though we aren’t getting anything from Sally yet (except her company), she is a very important part of the Faulk Farmstead.

And now, you’ve been properly introduced!

Shaggy Sally Gooden <3
Shaggy Sally Gooden


Do you have a “special” farmie on YOUR farmstead or in your home?  Tell us about them!

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  1. Love her and her name! My Twyla is looking QUITE prego these days and her teats are starting to fill! Entering into the last trimester 🙂

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