Homesteading Blog Love #2

homesteading blog love

How did you guys like last weeks FIRST EVER Homesteading Blog Love?


Did you love it as much as I did?  I thought so!


Read lots of good stuff this week?  I sure did!  Ready Freddy?  🙂


Colleen’s pierogies over at Five Little Homesteaders look TO DIE FOR.  I love pierogies – but embarrassingly enough, I have never had homemade ones.  Blasphemy.  I know.  Crisis averted – I now have a recipe!   Thanks Colleen!


A midst all of this chilly weather, Ashley from The Browning Homestead brought a taste of summer to her blog this week.  Her Simple Beet & Apple Salad is just what I need!  I love beets, but the golden beet is by far my favorite!  Doesn’t this picture just scream SUMMER!?

If you’ve been reading my blog this week, you may have learned that we are considering adding pigs to the homestead.  Blue Yurt Farms has most definitely contributed to this with her stunning photos.  This week she shared her December pics – Gorgeous, as always!


Oy.  Hot Toddy with Apple Cinnamon Whiskey?  Thank you Melissa, from Ever Growing Farm.  With the winter weather upon us, this sounds perfectly amazing in every single way.  I just need to make some Apple Cinnamon Whiskey!  What do you think?  It’s a go, right?


Always on the lookout for a fabulous DIY, Cara from The Randazzo’s sure fit the bill this week!  Her tutorial for Lavender Hand Scrub is just what my winter-ridden hands have been craving!  Another project!


My loyal Facebook followers may already know that breeding our goats is heavy on my mind right now, as we wait to see if the breeding was a success.  House. Barn. Farm.‘s post about goat breeding couldn’t have come at a better time!  This post, Where Does Milk Come From – Part 2: Breeding, is the follow-up to her excellent post about the basics of goat milk production.  Excellent info here, folks!


Well there you have it – Another week of amazing homesteading awesome-ness.  Love reading from these ladies – Don’t you?


What have YOU been reading this week?

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